Karangan ringkas

Masa sekolah dulu, guru selalu meminta murid membuat karangan ringkas atau dalam Bahasa Inggeris disebut ‘composition’.

Kawan kita dari Sungai Petani mengemel karangan masa dia di Tingkatan 5. Khabarnya ia mendapat hadiah istimewa dan dimuatkan dalam majalah sekolah.

Salinan di bawah di scan dari Majalah Sekolah tahun 1964. Mungkin ramai anak muda zaman sekarang tak pernah mendengar jenama rokok era itu.

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5 Responses to Karangan ringkas

  1. xcman says:

    so who is the WINNER

  2. Mohd says:

    Hey! I know this story. Read it a long time ago.

  3. admin says:

    Remember those time in the navy:

    ROTHMANS…Ramai Orang Telah Hancur Musnah Akibat Nafsu Syaitan

    LUCKY…Ladies Undressed Can kill You

    CAMEL…Can A Man Enjoy Life

    SALEM…Sleep Among Ladies Enjoy Most

    GOLD LEAF…Go On Lie Down Let’s Enjoy Another F

    The list goes on.

  4. Ayat Tidak Memberi Bekas says:

    The list goes on :

    KENT – Konek Engkau Naik Tak?

    Can I share a different story but the same objective:
    I am Peter Stuyvesant
    I have two friends, Benson and Hedges
    I came from the city of Marlboro,
    In the Salem high country
    I Always carry a Mild Seven
    I rode on a White Horse
    Going to Kingsway in Kent
    It was Lucky Strike I fell in love
    With the daughter of Master Duke
    Her name Was YSL
    We got married by Perillys , the priest
    We checked in at the house of Dunhill
    And booked into room number 555
    I laid her on the bed made of Gold Leaf
    I played with her two Matterhorns
    When I poked in my Rothmans King Size
    She cried in delight, ‘You are a Rough Rider !!!’
    You are riding like a mad Camel
    When I asked her if she is satisfied
    She answered’ I want MORE! !!!’
    Then suddenly she turned around and asked me if I want to enter her Gudang Garam.
    She said… depan belakang puas, barulah SAMPOERNA!!!

  5. Ali Ahmad says:

    MARLBORO….Man always remember love because of romance only

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