Hang Jebat aka KD Rahmat – Yang Remeh dan Yang Temeh

Untuk makluman, tajuk posting sebelum ini “KD Hang Jebat aka KD Rahmat F24 – Facts, Hearsay, Myth, Mystery and Misery” adalah kurang tepat kerana KD Hang Jebat realistically tak pernah wujud.

Tapi….bukankah nama asal KD Rahmat adalah KD Hang Jebat?

KD adalah singkatan untuk Kapal Diraja. Prefix KD hanya boleh digunakan setelah kapal ditauliahkan. Dan seperti yang kita sedia maklum, “Hang Jebat” ditukar nama kepada “Rahmat”  sekitar bulan Jun atau Julai 1970 (Rujuk keratan akhbar The Straits Times bertarikh 2 Julai 1970 di bawah).

Oleh itu, “Hang Jebat” tak pernah dan tak layak menggunakan prefix Kapal Diraja (KD). Manakala “Rahmat” pula hanya boleh menggunakan prefix Kapal Diraja (KD) setelah ditauliahkan pada 31 Ogos 1972.

The Straits Times, 2nd July 1970

Tapi kenapa pula nama “KD Hang Jebat 1969” terukir pada loceng di bawah ini ?

Mengikut perjanjian antara kerajaan Malaysia dan Yarrow Shipbuilders Limited (YSL), “Hang Jebat” akan siap untuk ditauliahkan pada tahun 1969. Maka itu YSL telah menempah loceng seperti yang terpampang di bawah ini.

Dan sekiranya “Hang Jebat” ditauliahkan pada tahun 1969, warna tulisan KD Hang Jebat 1969 yang terukir pada loceng akan ditukar dari warna hitam kepada merah.

Oleh kerana sebab-sebab yang tak dapat dielakkan, bukan sahaja tarikh pentauliahan ditunda, tapi nama “Hang Jebat” juga tak dapat dikekalkan. Dan kempunanlah “Hang Jebat” untuk memperaga prefix KD.

KD Hang Jebat Bell 1969

QUOTE: All sorts of reasons (or excuses) were given. Finally one smart and creative Bomoh who was in the team came up with a reason that (KD) Hang Jebat refuses to go back and face big brother (KD) Hang Tuah. The Bomoh then suggested that the ship be renamed. This recommendation and a number of others were brought up to the-powers-that-be in Kuala Lumpur. After some deliberations, they agreed to rename the ship and hence KD Rahmat was born. At the same time, a new Commanding Officer was appointed


Sekiranya kita tak mudah percaya dengan karut marut yang kononnya nama “Hang Jebat” tidak sesuai kerana pernah menderhaka kepada Sultan Melaka maka akan tercatitlah dalam sejarah TLDM nama gah KD Hang Jebat.

Diikuti dengan KD Hang Kasturi, KD Hang Lekir dan KD Hang Lekiu.

Dan pada memento serta crest (di bawah) ini juga akan terukir nama KD Hang Jebat – pahlawan yang pernah dianggap sebagai Penderhaka dan kemudiannya disanjung sebagai Hero yang pernah melafazkan ungkapan “Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah”

Rahmat Memento

Rahmat Crest

QUOTE: And yet, years later, despite her problems, she did perform the greatest service the RMN and country had ever known, where hundreds if not thousands owe their lives to this ship – KD Rahmat – befitting her name (God-Blessed).

No ships have ever done before, or since….therefore KD Rahmat should be in a greater part of RMN history.

Sebagai sokongan kepada ayat di atas yang saya salin-tempel dari posting sebelum ini,, maka saya muat-naik sekeping gambar dari koleksi UPBB yang dirakam dari geladak atas KD Rahmat sekitar tahun 1975.

Gambar pelarian Vietnam di Laut China Selatan yang mengharap belas ikhsan dari KD Rahmat.

Vietnamese Refugees 1975

QUOTE: Many years later, I was told KD Rahmat was sent for a major refit at one local shipyard and was later billed for Ringgit 70 million.

That’s more than twice the amount paid by the Government for the purchase of KD Rahmat a decade earlier!

Dua perenggan di atas disalin-tempel dari posting yang sama. Apa yang ditulis oleh Ex Sailing Crew KD Rahmat ada kebenarannya. Sehingga 28 September 1980, sebanyak $40 juta telah dibelanjakan, dan tidak mustahil jumlah itu mencecah $70 juta sebelum ‘penyakit’ yang dihidap oleh KD Rahmat dapat dipulihkan.


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KD Hang Jebat aka KD Rahmat F24 – Facts, Hearsay, Myth, Mystery and Misery

Short note from UPBB

Received this write-up via email. It was written by one of the sailing crew of KD Rahmat as a complement to an earlier article written by another sailing crew, the article of which was posted HERE.



These untold stories of myth, or hearsay, or facts, and of mystery and misery of KD Hang Jebat aka KD Rahmat F24 have been embedded in my hard disk (memory) for more than four decades. Before this cramped hard disk goes ‘kaput’, I would like to offload some of its content so that it can be shared with surfers of UPBB. Thereafter, it is up to the readers to make their own conclusions.


  1. During the construction of KD Hang Jebat, one dock worker died on board when the crane carrying metal bars hit him.
  2. On the day of launching, the container containing the holy water brought from Malaysia for the launching ceremony was found to be empty. What happened after they found the container empty and where they got the replacement, that I do not know.
  3. While undergoing trials, KD Rahmat lost an anchor in Scottish territorial waters around Greenock.
  4. From laying the keel until after launching, KD Hang Jebat had endless problems. Repeated delays in delivery of the ship prompted MINDEF to send a team of high powered experts to investigate and find the reasons.

All sorts of reasons (or excuses) were given. Finally one smart and creative Bomoh who was in the team came up with a reason that (KD) Hang Jebat refuses to go back and face big brother (KD) Hang Tuah. The Bomoh then suggested that the ship be renamed. This recommendation and a number of others were brought up to the-powers-that-be in Kuala Lumpur. After some deliberations, they agreed to rename the ship and hence KD Rahmat was born. At the same time, a new Commanding Officer was appointed.

However, problems still persist long after that.

(If only Raja Bomoh with his two coconuts and telescope (lukah) was there…maybe the script would have been different).

  1. On the day of commissioning and acceptance at Portsmouth, the ship’s crew were mustered at the heli deck. We noticed that our Commanding Officer looked very unhappy. The crew could somehow understand his heavy responsibilities. Perhaps, if he was given a free hand to decide, he would probably refuse to accept KD Rahmat in such a pathetic condition – far from being sea worthy.

The crew believed he was elbowed by the top brass from MINDEF to take delivery and sail the ship home.

  1. Going back to the day before leaving for UK, we were told that our stay in UK will be for 3 months for training and familiarization and sail the ship back. In the end, we ended up more than 15 months in UK.

For our clothing, we were told to get it done by RMN contractor tailor at High Street, Singapore where our warm/winter clothing were made – 1 coat, 1 suit, complete with trousers and 2 sets of black sixes.

Other clothing like “long john”, etc. was issued by KD Malaya store. On joining the ship, we were issued with 2Bs (RN type), Burberry overcoat, submarine jersey and wind-breaker jacket.

We were given $144.00 (Malaysian Dollars, not Ringgit Malaysia) for our baggage allowance (over weight baggage) plus one month advance gaji. Fifteen of us flew on Malaysia-Singapore Airways (MSA) Boeing 707 at midnight from Singapore for Scotland.

Our first stop was Calcutta, India, second stop was Bahrain and the third was Rome, then to Heathrow Airport. From there we took a connecting flight on British Airways to Glasgow, Scotland.

On arrival a coach was arranged to send us to the ship. The same day the ship went for sea trials and back at sunset and dropped anchor off Greenock, Scotland for the night. In the morning the ship weigh anchor for further sea trials. Unfortunately, the anchor winch broke down and could not weigh anchor. It was then decided that we had to cut loose the anchor. This was where KD Rahmat lost her anchor.

(Lost and found its way to KD Sri Tawau – remember the mysterious anchor where nobody seems to know its origin !!!)

  1. We were around Greenock, Scotland for a month or two before sailing to Portsmouth where KD Rahmat was attached to CIC Royal Navy, Home Fleet. KD Rahmat spent most of her time between Portsmouth, Southampton and Portland undergoing trials.

There was an indication that further delays were expected. So, while waiting for the ship to be ready, some of the crew were sent to various shore establishments for training according to their branches. Seven of us were sent to HMS Mercury – a communication school for “Electronic Warfare”.

(KD Rahmat was the first RMN ship to be equipped with Electronic Warfare system – to detect incoming missiles – but not equipped with jamming countermeasure against incoming missiles).

  1. KD Rahmat was the first and only RMN ship armed with SAM type “SEACAT”.
  2. During her trials, she launched five SEACAT surface-to-air missiles but only one (missile number 5) hit the target. The other four went haywire and lost. All test-firing were done at Portland.

Test-firing of 4.5″ and 40/70mm guns including anti-submarine mortar mark 10 were also done there on other days. In one incident when the 4.5″ gun opened fire, the inner wooden door along the passageway towards Operation Room and COMCEN got torn off from its frame and flew across the passageway and smashed up. It was caused by the blast (pressure). Fortunately no one was injured.

Rahmat Impression

Rahmat Passage

The photo of KD Rahmat and the map are from the magazine printed in UK for our departure


  1. The plan was for the ship to run on diesel engine all the way to Mozambique, passing Cape of Good Hope without refueling.
  2. However at Luanda, Angola – our last port of call in West Africa – our guys detected some problems with the diesel engine.

Therefore, a contingency plan was made: if the ship was to run on turbine engine, she may not have enough fuel to sail around Cape of Good Hope to Mozambique. To get fuel in Simon’s Town (Simonstown), South Africa was out of the question because Malaysia had no diplomatic ties with South Africa. So, the next choice was to request fuel from Royal Navy ships that were stationed there, i.e. to rendezvous (R/V) KD Rahmat outside the 12 miles limit in international waters near Simon’s Town. As to whether the request was made (sent) or not, I don’t know. But I know KD Rahmat did not R/V with any RN ship and for nine days and nights crossed the Cape of Good Hope with her turbine engine all the way to Mozambique without refueling.

  1. KD Rahmat arrived at Mozambique at low fuel. Later, words were circulating among the crew that the Commanding Officer was reprimanded for putting the crew and ship in harm’s way.
  2. Stopped at Mozambique for a few days R &R as well as getting the diesel engine repaired.
  3. Next stop was Seychelles Island, Mahe, and R & R for a few days. While at Mahe, the steering gear motor (bearing) broke down.
  4. From Seychelles Island we sailed non-stop to Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Langka).
  5. In Colombo, we stopped for a few days R & R.
  6. From Colombo we sailed for Penang. ETA was sent to MINDEF and COMNAV West.
  7. While underway to Penang, KD Rahmat suffered a major breakdown and could not make headway – the ship was drifting for many hours midway between Colombo and Penang, and we were at the mercy of the Indian Ocean.

(UPBB berpendapat…..KD Rahmat tak dapat bergerak dan hanyut disebabkan kerosakan kotak gear CODOG (Combined Diesel Engine or Gas Turbine) yang telah menimbulkan banyak masalah sejak di UK lagi. Bila kotak gear jenis ini rosak, propeller tak dapat digerakkan walaupun enjin diesel atau turbine dalam keadaan baik).

An urgent SITREP was sent to COMNAV West and MINDEF. The Engineering Division (MEs) was working hard to rectify the fault. No panic button was sounded though. Commanding Officer and the rest of the crew were cool and ‘relaxed’ because we were already immune to the antics and problems of the ship.

  1. SITREP between KD Rahmat, COMNAV West and MINDEF was non-stop.

After many hours drifting, we were informed that the welcome-home ceremony by the Prime Minister/Defense Minister at Port Klang was canceled and KD Rahmat was ordered to proceed to the Malaysian Base Jetty (MBJ) at Woodlands.

Meanwhile, MINDEF instructed COMNAV West to immediately dispatch ships to our rescue. Two Coastal Minesweepers were dispatched to the Indian Ocean, and if necessary, to tow KD Rahmat back to home waters.

  1. However, luck was with KD Rahmat. The MEs managed to rectify the defects. We restarted the turbine engine and were on the way home albeit many hours behind schedule.

SITREP was immediately sent to MINDEF and COMNAV West of KD Rahmat’s ETA at Penang. Hours later, we received a reply from MINDEF ordering KD Rahmat to bypass Penang and proceed to Port Klang and make ETA for the welcoming ceremony.

We arrived at noon and had a day in hand for the ship’s company to clean ship, and be ready for the ceremony the next day.

KD Rahmat was dressed at colours for the ceremony.


To end this story on a happy note….the Commanding Officer, one Lieutenant Commander and three Lieutenants retired as Flag Officers.

As for me, I left the service after thirteen years as a poor but contented Leading Rating, and still unmarried… ha…ha..ha.

In retrospect, KD Rahmat was blessed with the best Commanding Officer, together with the best group of officers and fantastic crew – enjoyed working as a team like a band of brothers-in-arm…..

…..like brothers because four hours after arriving in Portsmouth, shore leave was granted and the first group of liberty men had a fight with some ‘mat salleh’ near a pub and six of our boys were arrested by Portsmouth’s Bobbies, and the rest cabut. Those who were caught were later charged in the magistrate court and each budak hitam was fined 13 pounds. (Exchange rate 1£ = $7+). Ship’s welfare fund was used to pay the fine and later potong gaji.

While in Portsmouth, Southampton and Portland many cases lawan ‘mat salleh’, but now budak hitam sudah pandai, nampak Bobbies…lari. If we don’t do that, for sure rugi another 13 pounds.

Commanding Officer brought back his beloved Mini Cooper, and many of us brought back our beloved red bicycles (used to send and collect signal at CIC’s COMCEN at colours and sunset).

(Note: A little background of the Commanding Officer – A Hero, who had earned his stripes when he was the CO of KD Sri Pahang by bagging a few KKOs during confrontation). The ship’s company had full confidence in him, and on whatever decision he makes.

On the departing note: now I can reformat my hard disk.


From the day her keel was laid in Glasgow until her demise in Lumut, KD Rahmat F24 (aka Fuckup 24 hours) had a string of history and misery.

  1. She was the first brand new primary combatant ship ordered by the RMN, and the first ship in South East Asia to be equipped with Surface to Air Missiles – SEACAT.
  2. Took more than six years to be delivered.
  3. On her journey home, and as a brand new ship, she had her share of setbacks in that on more than one occasion, her propulsion system broke down and was at the mercy of the weather.
  4. Out of 5 SEACAT missiles launched in the UK, only one scored a hit – a very poor return indeed.
  5. From the day she arrived in Malaysia – 19 December 1972 – until the day her launcher/director was discarded (1982), KD Rahmat managed to reluctantly launch two SEACAT missiles. Both missed the target.

The miseries of KD Rahmat are endless – from the day she was launched to the day she was decommissioned and later converted to a Floating Museum. Today, from afar she looks like a battered and battle-weary warship covered with Blood Stain, but going nearer it’s Rusts Stain… Oh, what a shame!

Come to think about it, TLDM could spare (KD) Rahmat from further miseries by giving her a proper sea burial. A buoy is then placed to mark her final resting place, and instill a tradition that…..

Every RMN ship that passes the buoy to salute in remembrance of the grand old lady – the first brand new guided missile frigate of the Royal Malaysian Navy that failed to live to her true potential.

From a grand name of a legendary warrior “Hang Jebat” to a gentle lady “Rahmat” and let it be known that – unlike her elder sister Hang Tuah F433 – the guns of KD Rahmat had never been fired in anger.

And yet, years later, despite her problems, she did perform the greatest service the RMN and country had ever known, where hundreds if not thousands owe their lives to this ship – KD Rahmat – befitting her name (God-Blessed).

No ships have ever done before, or since….therefore KD Rahmat should be in a greater part of RMN history.


Many years later, I was told KD Rahmat was sent for a major refit at one local shipyard and was later billed for Ringgit 70 million.

That’s more than twice the amount paid by the Government for the purchase of KD Rahmat a decade earlier!

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Refit Untuk Kapal Selam TLDM

Artikel di bawah ini diterima melalui emel berserta sepotong ayat atau doa “Mudah-mudahan selepas refit yang menelan belanja hampir setengah billion ringgit, KD Tunku Abdul Rahman dan KD Tun Abdul Razak boleh menyelam melebihi kedalaman yang mampu dilakukan oleh Penyelam Skuba”.

Apakah maksud yang tersirat disebalik ayat tersebut, hanya pengirim emel sahaja yang tahu. Atau pembaca UPBB yang boleh menjengah keluar dari jendela minda @ berfikir out of the box ! 



Letter of Acceptance for Refit of Two Prime Minister-Class Submarines for the Royal Malaysian Navy

(Source: Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Berhad; issued Nov 16, 2015)

(BHIC statement to the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange)

The Company wishes to announce that on 16 November 2015, Boustead DCNS Naval Corporation Sdn Bhd (BDNC) [a joint venture between BHIC Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd (60 percent), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BHIC, and DCNS S.A (40 percent)], has received and accepted a Letter of Acceptance from the Government of Malaysia (GoM) dated 12 November 2015 (the LOA).

The purpose of the LOA was to award BDNC a contract for the provision of REFIT services for two units of Prime Minister’s Class Submarines for the Royal Malaysian Navy at a total dual currency Contract Price of Euro 169,859,453.00 and RM 432,403,722.00 (inclusive of GST), effective from 1 November 2015.

The contractual REFIT period for each submarine is 18 months from the respective start date for the relevant submarine REFIT.

The LOA will have a material effect on the earnings of BHIC Group for the financial year ending 31 December 2015, and will contribute positively to its future earnings.

None of the directors or substantial shareholders of the Company, or persons connected with them have any interest, direct or indirect, in the Contract.

This announcement is dated 16 November 2015.

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Tahniah Untuk Panglima Baharu – dan TLDM

Kenapa UPBB mengucapkan tahniah kepada Panglima Baharu dan TLDM, dan tidak dikhususkan kepada Dato Seri Pahlawan Ahmad Kamarulzaman sahaja?

Hampir semua pegawai-pegawai TLDM yang masih berkhidmat dan sudah bersara yang pernah berinteraksi dengan UPBB mengatakan DSP (bakal Tan Seri) Ahmad Kamarulzaman adalah seorang pegawai yang very smart and very knowledgeable.

And his ascension to the summit is purely on merit.

Justeru, selain mengucapkan tahniah kepada Laksamana Dato Seri Pahlawan Ahmad Kamarulzaman, UPBB ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada TLDM kerana mendapat seorang pemimpin (CN) berkaliber yang pernah – 13 tahun dahulu – dinobatkan sebagai Best Student Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College (MAFDC).

Jazakumullahu khairan.

Panglima TLDM

Laksamana Ahmad Kamarulzaman – Panglima Baharu TLDM

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 Nov (Bernama) — Laksamana Datuk Seri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin hari ini secara rasmi dilantik sebagai Panglima Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) yang ke-16.

Beliau yang sebelum ini menjawat jawatan Timbalan Panglima TLDM selama kira-kira tiga tahun menggantikan Laksamana Tan Sri Dr Abdul Aziz Jaafar yang melepaskan jawatannya hari ini.

Ahmad Kamarulzaman, 56, memulakan khidmatnya dalam TLDM pada 24 Februari 1977 selepas menamatkan pengajiannya di Maktab Tentera Diraja, Sungai Besi di sini.

Berpengalaman lebih 38 tahun dalam pasukan, beliau merupakan lulusan dari US Naval Staff Course di Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island serta Distinguished Graduate of the Fu Hshing Kang College, Republic of China in Political Warfare.

Beliau juga mempunyai Ijazah Sarjana Business Administration dari University Of Strathclyde Business School, Scotland dan Ijazah Sarjana Pengajian Pertahanan dan Hubungan Antarabangsa di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Ahmad Kamarulzaman sebelum ini turut memegang beberapa jawatan penting di dalam Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) antaranya Ketua Staf, Markas Angkatan Tentera dan Panglima Angkatan Bersama.

Selain itu, beliau pernah memegang jawatan Panglima Armada yang berpangkalan di Lumut, Perak serta Panglima Wilayah Laut 2, berpangkalan di Teluk Sepanggar, Sabah.

Majlis pemakaian pangkat dan serah terima tugas berlangsung di Auditorium Wisma Pertahanan di sini disaksikan oleh Menteri Pertahanan Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein dan Panglima ATM Jen Tan Sri Dr Zulkifeli Mohd Zin.

Ahmad Kamarulzaman berkata pertama beliau mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada kerajaan Malaysia khususnya Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“Amanah ini saya akan pegang dengan penuh integriti, melaksanakan tugas dan tanggungjawab,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Laksamana Madya Datuk Anuwi Hassan yang berkhidmat dalam TLDM sejak Februari 1978 pula dilantik sebagai Timbalan Panglima TLDM yang baharu.


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UPBB ‘Beating the Retreat’


Much has been written about the navy that was born – 66 years ago – as Malayan Naval Force (MNF), yet confusion still exists. Instead of clearing the muddy waters, the ‘authorities’ have made it murkier by their ineptness in chronicling significant events of historical importance. The unrestrained distortion of facts incited UPBB to start a crusade hoping that it could help clear the muddy waters a bit.

My first article highlighting numerous inexplicable blunders in the ‘junk-yard’ known as RMN Museum Melaka was posted more than 5 years ago followed by many more write-ups of similar nature. At some point, there were signs of life in an otherwise lifeless souls when the sleeping giant(s) reacted to the ceaseless  wake-up call (reveille) from UPBB, and it appears that it is only a matter of time before the ‘authorities’ extricate themselves from the cobwebs of historical ignorance.

The following reactions from the semi comatose giant(s) in response to articles in UPBB bear testimony to that:

Educating the Public posted on December 18, 2012

zinkan saya ucapkan terima kasih serta tahniah di atas pengorbanan tuan membetulkan fakta yang salah dalam artikel secara sukarela. Walau bagaimanapun kami yang masih berkhidmat tentu sekali mengambil tindakan sewajarnya….. 

Merungkai Misteri Anchor KD Sri Tawau posted on 3 February, 2014

 Very interesting. Appreciate all the interest shown. Will get staff to explore further and provide feedback.

Regrettably, that’s as far as they go. The promises of “mengambil tindakan sewajarnya” and “provide feedback” are still as they are – stranded, probably till the end of time, on the rocks of Malawali Channel.

In retrospect, I wonder how easy it was for the human mind to be deceived by its (my) own visions and dreams. As time passes by and common sense prevail, I realized the oasis-like images hovering over the horizon that have given UPBB so much hope are no more than optical illusion that promises nothing of substance.

Reflecting on the countless hours expended (wasted) on research so that all historical data posted in this blog are beyond rebuttal, I couldn’t help but laugh at my own idiocy – for believing that I could dissuade the authorities from replicating the gaffes of their predecessors.  Little did I realize that the most I can do is to guide a drove of donkeys to the pond but there’s no way of making them drink against their will.

When all is said and done, UPBB has to finally accept the fact that it is pointless to continue fighting for a cause it will never win. With that in mind, I have come to a conclusion that it is better to “Beat the Retreat” now rather than to continue this crusade knowing the likelihood of turning my visions and dreams into reality are as remote as the sun rising from the west.

Henceforth, UPBB will adopt the three wise monkeys’ principle: –

  • see no evil,
  • hear no evil,
  • speak no evil.

(Beating the Retreat does not mean that UPBB will stop writing and sharing pictures and stories of RMN Woodlands. It merely means that from now on UPBB will only  be a muted spectator. Simply said, it’s up to the authorities to introspect themselves, to know where they have gone wrong, and learn to appreciate the benefits of possessing profound historical knowledge of their past and the implications of its ignorance).


UPBB takes this opportunity to acknowledge and thank its friends who have selflessly contributed pictures, stories and articles that have been, and yet to be posted in this insignificant, but blessed blog of ours. The generosity shown speaks volumes of your enduring affection for the navy which I fondly refer as “RMN Woodlands”. Without your contributions, the pictorial images and legacies of the beloved navy that we once proudly served (and endlessly cherished) would probably be indiscernible and appear – if at all – as an obscure and hazy footnote in history.

To my friends, UPBB owes the highest gratitude (Tabik Spring to all of you).


As UPBB and friends from RMN Woodlands are not from the species that can readily master the fine art of talking out of both sides of the mouth (cakap tak serupa bikin) and in our eagerness to get the messages across, we have – more often than not – either unintentionally or otherwise stepped on many toes and ruffled a few feathers. To those whose feelings have been hurt, and egos bruised or battered, UPBB has only this to say:

“Please accept our sincere apologies”.

Any errors or culpabilities are UPBB alone.

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Hendak Seribu Daya

Admin UPBB,

I couldn’t recall all the moments, however i am able to recognize some of the faces and the guy standing on the most left was a PORM Ali. Left the Navy as CPORM (if not mistaken) joined a company Rediffussion with CPORM Jalal. (correct me if I am wrong).

Tuan “Mr” AHHA,

Dalam posting sebelum ini saya mengunjurkan agar TLDM memperbetul beberapa kesilapan dalam Buku Defining Moments tanpa menanti adanya keperluan untuk mengulang cetak. Unjuran itu saya asaskan dari pengalaman bekerja dengan Rediffusion (Malaya) Sdn Bhd.

Apakah bentuk pengalaman yang saya maksudkan !

Sebelum meneruskan bacaan, sila amati dua ejaan berbeza nama syarikat – satu dieja dengan betul manakala satu lagi adalah salah.


Apa hubungn kaitnya antara unjuran yang saya kemukakan dengan cara membetulkan kesilapan?

Kalau nak tau, ikutilah kisah benar di bawah ini.

Seperti mengesahkan kebenaran pepatah Melayu “Sekali air bah, sekali pasir berubah”, maka itulah yang berlaku di Rediffusion hujung dekad 80an.

Sebelum pemilik Rediffusion bertukar kepada orang Melayu segala urusan pengiklanan dikendalikan oleh orang Cina, termasuklah pemilihan dan penentuan syarikat ajensi pengiklanan (advertising agency). Setelah diambil alih, urusan pengiklanan dikendalikan oleh orang Melayu.

Salah satu langkah awal yang diambil oleh pihak pengurusan atasan ialah membuka pintu kepada “kawan” yang baru mula berjinak dengan dunia pengiklanan.

Dua orang “kawan” pihak pengurusan atasan yang menerajui ajensi pengiklanan ini berkelulusan tinggi – Graduan UM. Mereka adalah bekas Pengurus Besar (General Manager) dan Pengurus Pemasaran (Marketing Manager) Wearne Brothers. Sebagai permulaan, syarikat mereka diberi kontrak mereka-bentuk dan mencetak sepuluh ribu katalog.

Tak berapa lama selepas itu, mereka datang membawa katalog yang sudah siap dicetak tapi…..

Ejaan “REDIFFUSION” yang tercetak sama seperti yang dieja oleh Tuan AHHA – REDIFFUSSION.

Setelah ditunjukkan tentang kesilapan ejaan, si ‘mamat’ dua orang ni berpandangan sesama sendiri….. Sepuluh ribu naskhah katalog kena reject dan ‘burn’.

Selang seminggu, mereka kembali dengan cetakkan baru tapi ejaan ‘REDIFFUSION’ yang tercetak masih tak betul – REDIFUSION…..Sepuluh ribu naskhah katalog ‘burn’ lagi.

Dalam pada itu saya terfikir “Kenapa mereka tidak mengambil iktibar dari kesilapan pertama? Apakah ‘ijazah’ yang tercetak di ‘name card’ mereka hanya untuk hiasan? Bagaimana etika kerja mereka semasa memegang jawatan tinggi di Wearne Brothers?”

Mereka kembali untuk kali ketiga dengan cetakan baru, dan ejaan baru – REDIFUSSION.

Setelah merenung wajah mereka yang ‘close to tears’ dan memberi pandangan ikhlas tentang masa depan mereka dalam dunia pengiklanan “If you don’t change, you won’t go far in this very competitive and cut-throat advertising business” maka a compromise was made.

Dan kompromi inilah yang saya ingin kongsikan dengan TLDM.

Atas dasar peri kemanusiaan, si ‘mamat’ dua orang ini diberi kelonggaran untuk memperbetulkan kesilapan dengan mencetak perkataan “REDIFFUSION” yang betul dan menampalkannya di atas perkataan yang salah…..very, very carefully and not haphazardously.

That was their first and last dealing with Rediffusion.

Now, that’s what I would do if I were TLDM.

Kalau saya ada kuasa, saya akan arahkan pegawai yang mencedok maklumat songsang dari Jane’s Fighting Ships dan Wikipedia untuk:

  1. Mengemukakan bukti sumber maklumat yang menjadi punca kekalutan
  2. Mencetak pernyataan (caption) yang betul di atas self adhesive sticker paper
  3. Menampal sendiri (tanpa bantuan) sticker di atas setiap pernyataan yang salah.

Itulah maksud tajuk posting ini – Hendak seribu daya, enggan seribu dalih.

Maklumat ringkas tentang Rediffusion

Perniagaan utama Rediffusion sejak mula ditubuhkan pada tahun 1949 adalah Wired Broadcasting yang ditunjangi oleh kaum Cina.

Wired Broadcasting ialah stesen penyiaran ber ‘wayar’ yang beroperasi dari jam 6 pagi hingga 12 malam dalam dua saluran. Saluran (1) dalam bahasa Cina manakala saluran (2) berselang-seli antara Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris.

Selain Wired Broadcasting, Rediffusion juga menyediakan kemudahan studio Rakaman Suara (Audio Recording),  Sewa dan Sewa-Beli electrical appliances dan Audio Visual equipment.

Untuk rakaman suara, Rediffusion menyediakan dua buah studio rakaman. Sebuah dikhaskan untuk pengiklanan (Voice-over). Antara mereka yang pernah membuat rakaman voice-over ialah Patrick Teoh, Fauziah Nawi, Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar,  Ali Rahman, Nasir Rahman, Ngasri Sain, dan….anak admin UPBB (Along dan Angah).

Manakala sebuah lagi untuk artis membuat rakaman. Antara penyanyi lagu Melayu yang pernah membuat rakaman di Rediffusion ialah Jay Jay (Carefree), Sudirman, Sharifah Aini, Noor Kumalasari, Anita Serawak, Alleycats, Ramlah Ram dan ramai lagi.

Namun, setelah Rediffusion bertukar milik kepada anak watan, satu demi satu perniagaannya berkubur.

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Sejarah TLDM – Realiti atau Halusinasi

Gunners Woodland menulis:

Berbalik kepada cerita EGO. BUKU DM sebelum dicetak diserah kepada UPBB untuk pembetulan yang mana jika ada kesilapan terutama dizaman sebelum 80an. Arahan ini mungkin di beri oleh pegawai tertinggi PUSMAS kepada pegawai bawahan.
Didapati beberapa gambar dan tajuk di gambar tidak tepat maka UPBB dan beberapa OTAI memberi pandangan untuk pembetulan. Setelah diperbetulkan pihak UPBB meminta di semak kembali sebelum dicetak dan diedarkan…..”

Saudara Gunners Woodland,

Izinkan saya menjelaskan kekeliruan disamping melontarkan pandangan dari sudut sempit minda pencinta sejarah yang mula mengenal huruf ‘Alif’ dan ‘A’ di sekolah beratap nipah – Sekolah Melayu Kampung Seri Lalang dekad 50an.

Ceritanya begini:

Beberapa bulan sebelum terbitnya Buku Coffee Table Defining Moments (DM), saya diberikan dua buah artikel (melalui emel) untuk disemak. Selang tak berapa lama selepas itu, teratak buruk saya di Hulu Klang dikunjungi oleh pengirim emel dengan tujuan membincangkan semakan yang telah dibuat.

Pada masa yang sama saya memberikan sejumlah gambar kapal dan pangkalan era RMN Woodlands dengan harapan dapat dijadikan bahan untuk Buku Coffee Table yang bakal diterbitkan sempena ulang tahun TLDM ke 80 (27 April 2014).

Selepas itu saya pun tak tahu apa yang berlaku dengan gambar-gambar yang diberikan, dan begitu jugalah dengan artikel yang telah saya semak dan perbetulkan sehinggalah…..

Mei 2014 – Sebaik sahaja memperolehi Buku Coffee Table Defining Moments yang sudah diterbitkan, saya terperanjat dengan kekalutan fakta sejarah khusunya berkaitan kapal-kapal era MNF/RMN Woodlands.

Jun 2014 – pondok saya di Hulu Klang dikunjungi oleh seorang pegawai yang telah diberi tugas mencari fakta sejarah kapal-kapal dari era MNF/RMN Woodlands yang termuat dalam Defining Moments. Dalam pertemuan itu, saya sempat mengajukan beberapa soalan, antaranya:

Soalan…..Dari mana tuan dapat tarikh pentauliahan kapal-kapal tersebut?

Jawapan…..Dari Jane’s Fighting Ships dan Wikipedia

Soalan…..Kenapa tuan tak rujuk dengan saya?

Jawapan……Itulah – silap saya (sambil menepuk dahi)

Saya difahamkan pegawai ini mendapat keputusan “A1” dalam subjek sejarah peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

Itu cerita tentang halusinasi atau ‘racauan’ pegawai yang diberi tugas mudah tapi telah menjadikannya sukar kerana…..mungkinkah kerana ego sehingga terlintas di fikiran “Buang masa bertanya kepada bekas ‘baboon’ RMN Woodlands….!”

Itu cerita tentang gambar kapal zaman silam. Di bawah ini saya muatnaik salah sebuah dari beberapa buah artikel di mana saya pernah diminta untuk menyemak (atau ‘menyemah’).

Apa kesudahannya dengan semakan yang saya buat, dan apa yang mereka lakukan dengan artikel itu, saya tak tahu kerana mereka did not come back to me untuk membincangkan pembetulan yang saya lakukan.

(Antara major rewriting yang dibuat ialah mengolah balik penceritaan tentang bot ronda yang terdapat di muka surat 6, dan  penceritaan tentang FAC di muka surat 31).

Apa pun yang akan atau telah mereka lakukan ke atas penulisan sejarah yang dimaksudkan, that’s none of my business. Namun, untuk pengetahuan Gunners Woodland khususnya dan pembaca UPBB amnya, saya ingin mengajak tuan-tuan membaca versi asal “Sejarah TLDM” yang dihasilkan oleh sejarawan “Cut and Paste” sehingga terhasilnya halusinasi (hallucination) berikut.


(Untuk mendapatkan kepastian di mana letaknya caption di atas, sila skrol hingga muka surat 16 artikel “Sejarah Ringkas TLDM” di bawah ini)

Pelik tapi benar…..apakah ilmu yang digunakan sehingga Almarhum Sultan Ismail boleh bangkit dari pusara (24 tahun selepas mangkat) untuk merasmikan pangkalan TLDM di Kota Tinggi – KD Sultan Ismail.

(Kalaulah artikel bertajuk SEJARAH RINGKAS TLDM diterbitkan dalam buku coffee table seperti Defining Moments, dan dapat teguran atau perintah Sultan Johor untuk diperbetulkan, adakah TLDM akan menjawab Terima kasih Tuanku atas teguran mengenai kesilapan…..Kami akan semak dan buat verifikasi. Pembetulan akan dibuat jika ada keperluan membuat pencetakan kedua kelak.”)

Untuk menjengah ke alam halusinasi seterusnya, sudi-sudikanlah membaca SEJARAH RINGKAS TLDM versi asal….. ayat-ayat yang bergaris merah adalah kesilapan yang sempat saya detect. 

NOTA KECIL 1: Untuk mengetahui sumber yang digunakan oleh sejarawan ‘Cut and Paste’, sila cari di sudut bawah sebelah kiri. Antara sumber yang digunakan ialah Membelah Ombak, Brown to Blue, Laman Sesawang Wikipedia, dll.

NOTA KECIL 2: Brown to Blue adalah buku coffee table yang diterbitkan sempena ulang tahun TLDM ke 75. Oleh itu, mustahilkah buku coffee table Defining Moments akan dijadikan sebagai bahan rujukan oleh penulis sejarah akan datang?

Teringat saya akan ungkapan ini: When the blind follow the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

Sejarah TLDM 23


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Sejarah TLDM – Antara Fakta dan Halusinasi (Racauan)

Salam pakcik….

Sy pengikut setia blog utohpaloi. Terjumpa artikel ni.. harap boleh dijadikan bahan utk menulis..

Tulisan di atas saya petik dari emel yang dihantar oleh seorang pembaca UPBB bernama Abdul Hamid bin …. (bukan Abdul Hamid Haji Ahmad @ AHHA).

Terima Kasih saudara (Mr) Abdul Hamid kerana sudi berkongsi sesuatu.

Sebenarnya artikel yang saudara kirimkan ada termuat dalam portal rasmi TLDM yang mana link-nya pernah saya berikan dalam salah sebuah posting di blog ini. Oleh kerana saudara telah menyalinkan sepenuhnya, maka saya terpanggil untuk memuatnaik – secara total – di bawah ini.

Untuk pengetahuan saudara khususnya dan pembaca yang lain amnya, saya amat terkilan dengan hasil kerja “pakar” sejarah yang menulis secara semberono tanpa mengambil kira ketepatan fakta.

Untuk membuktikan betapa tidak acuhnya “pakar” sejarah TLDM tentang ketepatan fakta, saya muatnaik keratan akhbar Berita Harian yang diterbitkan pada 25 Jun 1958, dan bandingkan tarikh tersebut dengan tarikh yang diberikan oleh “pakar” sejarah TLDM yang terdapat di muka surat 115 (bergaris merah)dalam tulisan bertajuk BAB 11 – KEMERDEKAAN DAN PEMILIKAN TENTERA LAUT DIRAJA MALAYA.

Sebahagian dari kesalahan-kesalahan lain saya gariskan dengan warna merah.

alma 2




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KD Rahmat F24 – Lost Films

Me is another Abdul Hamid Ahmad. If you are Ali bin Abdullah (802140), you may be able to recognise me as we served together in KD Rahmat (if not mistaken) during 1975/6.


That being so, then you should be able to recognise some of the faces in the following pictures (courtesy of Mr PUSMAS), and for what occasion the pictures were taken.

You should also be able to remember the day KD Rahmat launched two SEACAT missiles that missed the target by miles, and how two weeks later the spin doctor (RTM) came up with jaw-dropping documentary telling the world that the ‘crippled’ frigate had successfully launched its missiles focusing on the flame-belching missiles leaving the launcher.

















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Story of the RMN – Before 1969

Peribahasa Melayu: Jauhari juga yang mengenal manikam.

Dalam tulisan di bawah ini terdapat banyak ‘manikam’ (gems)  yang amat berharga. Sekiranya terbuka hati untuk meminati sejarah dalam erti kata sebenar, belajarlah jadi ‘jauhari’ dengan mencari dan memisahkan ‘intan permata’ dari timbunan kaca @ cari dan kenal-pasti (identify) fakta yang terselit antara ribuan perkataan yang dihimpun-tulis oleh sejarawan silam.

Ringkasnya, jangan potong (cut) salin (copy) dan tempel (paste) semberono seperti yang sering dilakukan oleh penulis sejarah…..!













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